The reflection on art in antiquity and its influence until today

In the field of art, Greek and Roman Antiquity has had a considerable influence over the centuries, through his works of art and his theories on art: especially during the Renaissance, the eighteenth century, and until contemporary times, artists and art historians refer to antiquity.

This course studies the influence of Antiquity in the history of art through different themes: the influence of ancient sculpture on Renaissance artists, the reference to antiquity in the history of painting; the ideas and theories about art presented in ancient texts (texts written by artists themselves, philosophers, rhetorician ...) and their influence; anecdotes about ancient artists and their posterity.

The course is based on numerous images of works of art, and on Greek and Latin texts quoted in French translation.

  • Collection L’univers des formes, Paris, Gallimard
  • Cl. PETRY, L'histoire de l'art, Paris, 2005.

Valérie NAAS

Valérie Naas is a lecturer in Latin Language and Literature, qualified to direct research, at Sorbonne Université. His research focuses on the Natural History of Pliny the Elder, particularly in the field of art history.