Dates and schedule

Duration : one week

Attention: this cycle takes place over 6 days, from Monday to Saturday

> Week 2 : From the 8th until the 13th of July 2019


From  9.30 AM until 12.30 PM and from 2 PM until 5 PM 


Please note that seats are limited.


People who come in Paris for the Sorbonne Summer University are often eager to know the capital through what connects architecture and urban planning. The general idea of this course consists in proposing a panoramic view of Paris through five major historical periods of its development:

This is not just about explaining the construction of some remarkable monuments but it is about understanding the relationships between these buildings in order to create an urban fabric. You will then be able to understand how these buildings have evolved until their current appearence: Lutetia and the Parisii; the Latin Quarter and its structuring by the Romans; the construction of Notre Dame and the clearence of the forecourt; November 1539 edit, hygiene and sanitation of Paris; the creation of the grat avenue and of the great perspectives, etc.

The history of the urban fabric and the breakthroughs made in different periodes; the creation of perspectives and facades with the boulevards; the covered walkway; gardens and public places; mansions and workers' cities; stations and museums, the stomach of Paris (from The Halles to sewwers), motor trafics and human flows.

Pedagogically, the general idea consits in proposing a mixture between the lectures (2h in the morning) and the visits  (3h in the afternoon). It enables to understand the history of the aspect of Paris nowadays, from its remains to the recent constructions by renowned professing at Paris-Sorbonne University.


Fee      700 €