This course will be dedicated at the city of Paris during the medieval period, and in particular from hits spectacular growth on the XIth century to the works of fortification and beautissement under the kingdom of Charles the Vth. Thus, it comes to understand the evolution of urban planning and discover the main city monuments: centers of power, of administration, places of worship and education, utility buildings.

  • Lorentz P. et Sandron D., Atlas de Paris au Moyen Âge. Espace urbain, habitat, société, religion, lieux de pouvoir, Paris, 2006.
  • Journal d'un bourgeois de Paris, éd. par Colette Beaune, Paris, 1990.

Rose-Marie FERRE

Rose-Marie Ferré is lecturer in history of Middle Age Art at the Faculty of Arts & Humanities Sorbonne Université. Specialist in the end of middle Age, her researchs focus on the parameters of the artistic command, art of courses and iconography questions. Her education covers both the architecture, with a lot of interventions on Paris and its monuments and figurative arts.