During three centuries, from the Renaissance to the Revolution, Paris is deeply transformed: on the monumental plan, with the golden age of royal palaces (Louvre, Tuileries, Luxembourg), of mansions and of the great churchs of the Counterreformation; interms of urban planning, while a new art of public place sets up (boulevards, royal squares, fountains, public walks...). Despite the civil wars on the XVIth century, then the versailles concurrency since 1682, monarchy needs a capital which shines in whole Europe, in the srvice of the France greatness: capital of arts and literature, of fashion and spirit, already, which wants to be the "new Rome".

Alexandre GADY

Alexandre Gady (born in 1968) is professor in History of modern Art at the Faculty of Arts & Humanities Sorbonne Université and director of the André Chastel Center, a world-class laboratory of research. Specialist on the architectural and urban history of Paris, he has dedicated to the french capital a lot of articles, works and lectures.