The female body from the 19th century to today

The female body has experienced many evolutions both in its representations, literary and pictorial, as in its social, cultural and sexual realities. Indeed, in the wake of gender studies, works by French researchers such as Georges Vigarello and Alain Corbin on the history of the body and on the history of sensitivities have multiplied around various themes such as sports, hygiene or the beauty. What do the transformations of the feminine silhouette sublimated by fashion reveal? How is femininity characterized when the body of women is exposed?



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Nathalie DUVAL

Nathalie Duval is an associate professor and PRAG in contemporary history at the Faculty of Arts & Humanities Sorbonne Université. In parallel with her research and scientific activities (publications and colloquia), Nathalie Duval ensures, as part of her teaching, the accompaniment of the students in the valorization of their studies in Letters and Human Sciences.

She is among others the author of The School of the Rocks, Belin, coll. History of Education and Education, 2010, repr. 2011. 2010 Prize of the Academy of Sciences, Belles Lettres et Arts of Rouen; Enseignement et éducation en France du XVIIIème siècle à nos jours, Armand Colin, coll. 128, 2011.