French Language Courses

Weeks 1 and 2

The Sorbonne University proposes a two-week  French course (as a foreign language) from June 26th to July 7th 2017; 60 hours.

There are three ability groups available: Levels A1 for beginners,  B2 for those at an intermediate level wishing to improve their French language skills and and C1 for those who have already reached a good level but wish to improve their French(Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).



A1B2 and C1

For the level A1, 60 hours of French courses only

include General French courses :

consisting of ten 3 hours sessions, where teacherswill work on various language skills such as oral and written comprehension, and oral and written expression.
The chosen themes and media  further enable participants
to become familiar with different aspects of French cultural
life, including lifestyles, the French education and University system, and the history of the Latin Quarter.






For the levels B2 and C1, 60 hours of French courses are organized as follows:

General French courses + a culture and civilisation courses:

consisting of ten 1 hour sessions, which provide points of reference in the fields of French culture and civilisation. The main trends in critical thinking and French artistic movements from the Renaissance to the present day will also be presented. Various types of media - literary, musical, pictorial, cinematographic or architectural will be used.





Please note that seats are limited.

Cultural activities

If you wish to participate in the cultural activities, in addition to the courses, you need to specify so on the online application form. (You cannot solely participate in the cultural activities.)

You can consult the programme here.